Getting Ready to Launch

Hi everyone!

This whole blogging thing is brand new to me, so sit tight and enjoy! To sum up what I have going on and what is coming up, I am starting out as an event planner here in San Francisco. I have been in the industry for a few years now and due to recent opportunities, have decided to dive in head first and start my own company, BuzzWorthy Events SF.

Living in San Francisco is amazing. Point blank. It's almost a little crazy sometimes how many doors there are to open here. If someone had told me a year and a half ago I'd be doing this today, I honestly don't know if I would have believed them! In any case, I am here, and very excited about what lies ahead. I fell in love with event planning when I started working in a restaurant in 2003 and was helping catering events. Since then, I completely changed directions in school, switched my major and got my B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management with an emphasis on Conventions, Meetings and Event Management. I spent almost a year interning in two major hotels here in San Francisco, helped out with numerous events in the city and created a great network of professionals. Now, I have the pleasure of saying that I have been contacted by a few different people to plan events for them! In the start of 2010 I actually got more offers than I had imagined and that is how I came about starting my own business. Now, I am getting ready to launch in a few weeks!

I love, love, love traveling and do so as much as I can! I am very blessed because I have had a few amazing opportunities in my life to see the world from different perspectives. Back in 2003 I studied abroad in London and had the unique opportunity to live with an English family. Since then, I have spent lots of time in Europe, South America, Mexico, Thailand, and many other places. Having all of these experiences has allowed me to become well seasoned in understanding myself as a person and other cultures as well. I think I will have to create another blog sometime more about this, but for now, back to BuzzWorthy SF.

Currently, I am working on a wedding, which I am more than excited about. The main focus of my event planning business is on destination events and special events. Personally, corporate events were always my main focus, especially if they are abroad. However, I am in the special events market and love weddings just as much! So, this wedding I have in the works is a rather unique one because it is located in Madrid, Spain. The wedding is a wonderful opportunity for me to grow for a few reasons. However, I will have more time to elaborate on those later. I am jetting off to Madrid this Tuesday and will have lots to report then!

Adios for now.

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