It's none of your business!

Since the second round of "It's none of your business" is happening this weekend, right now seems like a perfect opportunity to shed light on why you should attend. For those of you in the wedding industry or those whom would like to be.

About seven months ago I took part in the first of Enjoy Events Co. workshop, "It's none of your business". To re-cap, the workshop was a hefty insight to running and operating a wedding planning business. These girls did not hold back either, they really opened up and shared a ton of resources as well as relationships within their network. Therefore, I wanted to share the three things I walked away with and still hold in regard seven months later.

1. "Social Media OMFG" - Anne Sage. Social media is a no brainer these days. However, learning what is socially acceptable and appropriate for your target market or followers is something rather grey. They clearly outlined what is "acceptable" to post and what you should be posting more of.

2. Bringing clarity to your business plan and how to create your niche. Business plans are not fun, I guess someone out there might think they are, but I personally do not. We all get attached to our brand and think that it's unique or new or hasn't been done before. Emily and Megan were AWESOME at pinpointing ways to guide you in your own direction.

3. The new connections and motivation I found within the industry. Sometimes it feels like you are rather alone or it can be hard to meet others. Let's be real, we are all very busy pro's. It's hard and scary sometimes to establish quality relationships. This workshop was ever-so helpful in making those types of relationships available.

Huge THANKS to Emily and Megan and everyone in the EECO posse, Anne SageEdyta Szyszlo & Tomfoolery SF, Amanda O'Shannessy at OTL Vintage, Myka of Modern Sequins, and all the people I had the chance to meet and become friends with!


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