Photographer Love: Stephanie Simos

Photography, brains, and fun? YES please.

I am more than thrilled to share one of my dearest friends with you, Miss Stephanie Simos. Not only is she a bundle of fun to be around, but she has creative eye for photography,  she's witty, and a hoot to banter with.

Stephanie has made wondrous leaps and bounds in the world of photography in the last couple of years. I deserve to gush because she really IS that wonderful. She's not your average photographer. She's on the board for Women's Initiative for Self Employment in San Francisco as their lead photographer. She also has a full time job. It takes a super organized and dedicated person to do all the things that she does. Photography is her passion and that's what makes her more than amazing. She has been photographing weddings for the last year and a half and is starting to produce some incredible images. Keep your eye out, you just might see some collaboration work pop up in the near future from the two of us.

You can view her photographs here: 
Facebook: Stephanie Simos Photography 
Flickr: Photos

Stephanie also shot images for Meggie, a boutique shop on Union Street in the Marina. Ahh-mazing.  

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