Wedding Websites

Why you need one and choosing one that is right for you.

My clients often ask me if they really need a personal wedding website. They don't doubt they do, but often seem perplexed by the idea of essentially needing one. I believe their biggest concern is building a website will incur time and maintenance. Once the news of your marriage has been broadcasted, you can expect a ton of questions, phone calls and emails from all the people you've just invited. Your guests will want the details all at once. Hence, why you need a personalized wedding website. A wedding website is going to be one of the most powerful tools you can utilize in the planning process. You will want to share all of your relevant details in a timely manner, but, a website does much more than that. Wedding websites are a fantastic way to communicate with you guests, they share your registries, honeyfunds, day of activities, photos, stories, and most importantly your wedding day information. They are especially resourceful for destination weddings and communicating information, suggesting hotels, and details on your locale.

I have spent a ton of time registering myself on wedding websites and personally trying them out. There are a few different methods of obtaining a wedding website. First, there are free hosted sites that are fantastic. They offer templates for all of your wedding details and some of them are customizable. Many of them offer themes where you can purchase matching paper products. One in particular that is easy to use and is straightforward is www.mywedding.com. Which links to Hello!Lucky, a personal favorite wedding invitation and letterpress company in San Francisco.

Another approach to this is to create a blog. Blogs are a great resource because you can customize them and build them from the ground up. They do take a little more time to perfect. If you are web savvy then it should be a breeze. Blogs are generally free and can be customized by a designer for a fee. Google's blogger is straight forward and very user friendly.

You can also purchase your very own domain name for about $10-15 and have this routed to the site or blog. It could look like "www.yournameandpartnername.com" This will make your site even more personalized and direct. 

The final method of building a wedding website is to contact a designer and have them put together a site for you. This method is my favorite because if you work with the same designer, you can match it to all of your paper products and theme for the wedding. Then when the invitaions are sent out, everything will be uniform, from your invitations, escort cards, programs, to the website.  

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